Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 48 / Dzien 48.

Tomorrow the mechanic should have a new starter for us, but than again... we are on Talkeetna time...
Did I mention that the ranch has a 'no competitive sports' policy? The mere memory it put us in mood for some cutthroat rivalry. And so we ended up playing so much ping-pong at Fairview that it gave me a blister on my foot. I swear, this must be my first sport injury ever.

Jutro mechanik powinien miec dla nas nowy zaplon, ale... nie zapominajmy, ze jestesmy w strefie czasowej Talkeetna... Czy wspominalam, ze na rancho obowiazuje zasada 'zero sportu opartego na wspolzawodnictwie'? Samo wspomnienie wywolalo w nas potrzebe pozbawionej skrupulow rywalizacji. Wyladowalismy w Fairview grajac w ping-ponga tak dlugo, ze mam teraz pecherz na stopie. Daje slowo, to jest moj pierwszy w zyciu kontuzja wywolana sportem.

This is a dog country. Did you know that dog-mushing is Alaska's state sport?
Tu rzadza psy. Wiecie, ze wyscigi psich zaprzegow sa stanowym sportem Alaski?


  1. So which sport is non competitive? Isn't that like the definition of a sport. Could be that my mind is clouded by life in babylon, I will concede.

  2. we've had a fabulous trip - heading back to Cali soon. Where are you?

  3. Donnie: I asked the same question. Answer is: cross-country skiing. By yourself, of course. I know...
    Kitsie: Hey Lady! Glad to hear from you! We're in Anchorage and will be heading South to B.C. and then either across southern Canada or straight south. It depends on the weather and the van. Can't wait to see you guys again!

  4. Hmmm. I guess Owen's 4yr old soccer games are techinically non competitive as well!
    You should have gotten a punching bag and started beating it - "hey, it's non competitive"


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Ally: Anonymous.
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