Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 93 / Dzien 93.

We're visiting Monterey. Lee lived here for two years while studying Arabic at the Defense Language Institute. The thing about sentimental journeys is that usually they are fun only for the person bearing the sentiment. I feel like I'm just one more 'We used to get wasted here' from pouring gasoline over my clothes and setting myself on fire.

Jestesmy z wizyta w Monterey. Lee mieszkal tutaj przez dwa lata kiedy studiowal arabski w Instytucie Jezyka Obrony. Niestety sentymentalne podroze sa przewaznie frajda tylko dla osoby z sentymentem. Obawiam sie, ze jestem juz tylko o jedno 'Tutaj sie upijalismy' od podpalenia sie po uprzednim polaniu swoich ubran benzyna.

Lee's happy reunion with a burrito from a favorite spot.
Szczesliwe ponowne spotkanie Lee i burrita z ulubionego miejsca.


  1. Was it El Torito on cannery row??!!? we did used to get wasted there *laugh* did he take you to "The Blue Fin" too?

  2. Lee says 'no' and 'no'. It was Papa Chano's.

  3. You know...both times I've been back to Monterey, I've made the same pilgrimage. The food isn't as good as I remember, but damned if I don't get all nostalgic and smile to myself. Similarly, if I pop open a Modelo Especial with a lime, that first sip, I suddenly feel like the ghosts of army past are the taste, I can hear Lee laughing and see Stuart hiding his hands in his face or Adam with burrito grease all over his lips and chin. Sometimes, you have to have been there to know the magic Ms. Gosia. But believe was magical.


Tyler: Can I ask your name?
Ally: Anonymous.
Tyler: Anonymous? Is that Greek?