Monday, September 23, 2013

A gross monster oozing gross green gunk. Ew!

1. Here's Billy at 4 months. Them American babies grow big fast!
2. I wrote something about kissing the doorknob under this picture but then I thought, wait a minute, they do say that in English, don't they? Well, good thing I checked! (in Polish in means that you arrived at somebody's door and they were not there) While googling it, I came across a disturbing number of pictures of Japanese girls actually kissing doorknobs. I'm not sure I want to investigate further.
3. Mid-apartment hunting lunch in Allston, which is the student party central of Boston. We'll probably wait till spring break to go back.

4. This Armenian baklava. I think they sprinkle with with rainbows and crack.
5. I love the creepy feel of this house.
6. Lee claimed that I'd not be able to carry a pizza on a bike so I insisted on passing in back and forth between us as we were riding home. Thankfully, nobody was hurt (especially the pizza).

7. Coffee and backgammon on the front porch. 
8. We found fresh dates at the Armenian store. It was neat to see how their taste and texture changed daily as they were ripening and then drying.
9. Dry pomegranate wine. It's official, Armenia is now in the very top of my list of culinary destinations.

10. We've been eating tons of sweet corn since arriving in Massachusetts but not a single cob came even close to the elote corn from this place - charred, spicy, rubbed in butter and cheese, ohhh...
11. Frozen yogurt has been a hit, let's jump on the bandwagon with frozen kefir! This is not going to take.
12. Boston University.

13. I have a thing for buildings overgrown by vines.
14. In case you ever wondered what a mens athletic sock looked like after it traveled through a digestive track of an adventurous dog... here's a visual!
15. Yup, confirmed. Boston's creepy.

16. This guest bedroom at the family's house was our home for the first 2 weeks.
17. I really think that my love for thrift stores and yard sales is an atavism. It perfectly combines the thrill of hunting with the thrill of gathering.
18. The state of our fridge at our new apartment. 

19. That day we spent moving into our place. In the evening, we walked to the nearby Whole Foods for dinner. I was so freakin' tired, I wanted to cry.
20. What a kick-ass watermelon helmet. Suddenly my own helmet no longer seems as awesome as before.
21. Beard!

22. I surprised Lee with an evening at the Boston University's observatory. The staff kept saying how bad the visibility was, but the sight of the Moon was still mesmerizing. I could get down with living in a cottage in the middle of nowhere, spending my nights sipping Chartreuse and staring into my private telescope. 
23. September 1 is the moving madness day in Boston. I'm so glad we avoided it.
24. Lee (wearing my bike helmet) and Little Man taking selfies.

25. A chilly Sunday morning with the family in Watertown.
26. We had a cold spell that made us think that the summer was over.
27. An unchipped nail polish - as ephemeral as mayflies.

28. Brookline is full of garden sculptures. We also found... a fake, plastic boulder. Is it a key hiding spot? A rat trap? A spying device?
29. We spent a day at a beautiful old cemetery. 
30. Met this cool squirrel dude on the edge of a park where a rally for legalizing marijuana was held. He was oddly social. Either he had rabies or he got contact high.


  1. W tym creepy house z nr 5 NA PEWNO mieszkają/ły całe pokolenia czarownic! :D
    Muszę w końcu spróbować (i znaleźć w Łodzi jakieś dobre miejsce gdzie ją sprzedają) tej całej baklawy, o której wszyscy tyle mówią.
    Fajnie mieć taki ogląd skrótowy Waszego życia w Bostonie! Pozdrawiam :)

    1. No to trzymam kciuki, że znajdziesz taką z prawdziwego zdarzenia. Pozdrowienia!

  2. Pierwszy września to jakiś specjalny dzień na przeprowadzki w Bostonie? Nie wiem, faza księżyca odpowiednia, słonce świeci pod konkretnym kątem, a może to dzień darmowego transportu ciężarówkami czy też kryje się pod tym coś bardziej konkretnego?

    1. Dokładnie tak. Rynek nieruchomości jest w Bostonie bardzo specyficzny - zdecydowana większość mieszkań jest wynajmowana w cyklu 1 września - 31 sierpnia. Mieszkań zaczyna się szukać... w styczniu, co oznacza tabuny potencjalnych przyszłych lokatorów prowadzone przez tabuny agentów z uprzedzeniem lub bez. Już się boję.
      Gdyby nie to, że poprzedni lokatorzy zostali wyeksmitowani i mogliśmy się wprowadzić dwa tygodnie wcześnie, wariactwo 1 września też by nas nie ominęło. Ceny wynajmu ciężarówek są pewnie w tym czasie nie z tej ziemi.

  3. Creepy house jest fantastyczny.
    Bardzo lubię oglądać takie zbieraniny fotek różniastych, nawet z własnego miasta- można odkryć zupełnie inne spojrzenie na pewne miejsca, ludzi ::)

  4. Uwielbiam Twoje mixy wszystkiego ze wszystkim. Szczególnie cool squirrel dude z frozen kefir ;)


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