Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This bullshit... it will rot your brain!

It seems like I'll be soon saying goodbye to Instagram. The new policy that's going into effect mid-January is simply outrageous. In case you haven't heard, you can find out about it here. Evil sons of bitches! I was growing to really like it.

Baltimore in Instagram pics, Oct-Nov 2012.

1. Halloween paranoia.
2. Espresso addiction is back, oh yes it is.
3. Hurricane Sandy didn't even take post-party cigarette butts off our windowsill.

4. Placenta hair mask.
5. Dog donuts.
6. An HBO production starring Kevin Spacey setting up to film in our neighborhood.

7. A perfect Sunday brunch at Mama's on the Half Shell: lots of seafood and hooked-up bloody marys.
8. A strange discovery in a fireplace at a house where we picked up a vintage couch set (Craigslist, baby!).
9. A haul from a farmer's market. I like this bag. It pretty much says it all. At times like this I dream of being teleported back to the markers of southern Ukraine.

10. Homewood, Baltimore. Home to the Johns Hopkins University and general misery.
11. Elk and deer antlers. For dogs. Seriously.
12. Ladder 49.

13. My buddy said he wanted ink, I gave him Sharpie ink.
14. The most vibrant sink ever. Can you imagine? You don't EVER have to clean it, as it never looks dirty!
15. Lit trees are the best thing about Christmas season.

16. Washington Monument, Mount Vernon.
17. A wacky van at the American Visionary Art Museum.
18. Odds-defeating Polish-German friendship with Kristian and undefeated shuffleboard champion (me, duh).

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